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A Reasonable Life Ferenc M T Sounds The Alarm That With Our Single Minded Emphasis On Short Term Economic Gain We Are Devastating, Not Only Our Cities, Our Long Term Economy, And Our Very Planet, But Also Our Communities, Families, And Even Friendships We Are Allowing The Impersonal And Uncaring Immoral Governments, The Mindless Mass Media, And Profit Only Driven Big Business To Destroy Things Humane To Degrade The Individual And The Society Of Man He Pleads For Fundamental Change By Each Of Us To Live Our Lives On A Human Scale To Place Profound And Simple Human Longings And The Needs Of Our Human Spirit Far Ahead Of Material Possessions He Pushes Us To Rethink Our Concepts Of Career, Home Life, Habits, And What We Call Security And Success And To Resurrect Our Foundations The Vibrant And Supportive Small Town And Family, And A Caring And Passionate Self It Is The Fantasy Of Every Thinking Person To Change His Or Her Life, To Move To A Simple Place M T Shows Us How To Take Control His Voice Is Outraged Yet Hopeful He Insults Us Like A Brother And Cares For Us Like A Best Friend As He Urges Us To Change Course And Find Reasonable Lives For Ourselves And Our Children He Has Given Us An Audacious, Engaging, Inspiring Polemic That Will Make A Difference In The Lives Of Us All.

!!> Reading ➶ A Reasonable Life  ➮ Author Ferenc Máté – New-books.run
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • A Reasonable Life
  • Ferenc Máté
  • 05 March 2018
  • 9780920256954

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About the Author: Ferenc Máté

Ferenc M t has made a career of out documenting his own quests whether it s restoring a Tuscan ruin, building a vineyard from scratch, or sailing the seven seas.Born in Transylvania, he escaped at age eleven when the Hungarian revolution was crushed by Soviet tanks He grew up in Vancouver and has lived in California, Paris, Rome, the Bahamas and New York He has worked on a railroad extra gang a

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