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Lust Ellen Forney S Follow Up To Her Wildly Successful I Love Led Zeppelin Is A Collection Of Cartoons Celebrating The Sometimes Stunningly Crude, Sometimes Surprisingly Sweet Online World Of Personal Classifieds Forney Has For Several Years Been Illustrating The Seattle Alt Weekly The Stranger S Lustlab Classified Ads By Interpreting The Most Interesting, Outrageous, Or Idiosyncratic Ad In That Week S Paper, That Is Awarded The Appellation Lustlab Ad Of The Week Lustlab Is The Category Encompassing The Kinkiest Personal Ads In The Paper, And Every Week The Page Attracts Seattle S Finest Lovers, Kinksters, Perverts, And The Perv Curious, And Each Week, Forney Chooses One Ad, Edits The Text, And Creates A Comic Combining That Text And Imagery She Uses Her Brushwork In Many Different Styles Bold And Graphic, Fine And Detailed, Cartoony, Or Elegant, Depending On The Tone Of The Ad She Uses A Variety Of Resource Materials For Inspiration, From Early Erotic Photography To Tom Of Finland To Wacky Packages Style Send Ups Of Consumer Products To Original Designs Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, Threesomes, Somes, Tops, Bottoms, Switches, Rope Lovers, Spankers, Spankees, Bi Curious Men, Bi Curious Women, Lesbians With Prison Fantasies, Masturbation Clubs Forney Illustrates Them All In Her Bemused, Affectionate, Witty, And Elegant Style In Addition To The Text And Illustrations, The Author Embarked Upon The Rare Journalistic Feat Of Interviewing Six Enthusiastic Lustlab Subscribers, Who Provide Background, Context, And Hilarity Intentional And Unintentional By Discussing Their Participation In The Lustlab Network And Their Lusty Experiences With The Lovers For Whom They Advertised Thrill To Their Outr Sexual Quests Live Vicariously Through Their Sexual Adventuring To Cap It Off, The Collection Includes An Introduction By The Notorious Sex Advice Columnist And Novelist And Stranger Editor , Dan Savage You Ll Meet And Love The Female To Male Transsexual Boot Loving Germanophile The Trashy Fat Redneck Man Seeking Same, Preferably With Months Old B.O The Erotic Hypnotist S Offer To Give Women Mind Blowing Joy Buttons The Smartass Bisexual Nerdy Girl Rope Lover The Obedient Transvestite Who Wants To Clean Women S Toilets The Man Organizing A Private Strip Poker Game For Gay Men The Butch Dyke Seeking A Femme For Erotic Medieval Reenactments Three Women Friends Seeking A Male Service Bottom The Woman Who Wants To Watch A Very Fat Woman On The Toilet The Male To Female Blonde Transsexual Who Wants Airhead Lessons The Man Who Wants To Be Humped In Public By Someone In An Animal Costume The Woman Who Wants To Try Pegging For The First Time Exhibitionists, Voyeurs, Threesomes, Somes, Tops, Bottoms, Switches, Rope Lovers, Spankers, Spankees, Bi Curious Men, Bi Curious Women, Lesbians With Prison Fantasies, Jack Off Clubs Forney Illustrates Them All In Her Bemused, Affectionate, Witty, And Elegant Style.

[[ Download ]] ➽ Lust  Author Ellen Forney – New-books.run
  • Hardcover
  • 168 pages
  • Lust
  • Ellen Forney
  • English
  • 27 July 2018
  • 1560978848

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About the Author: Ellen Forney

Ellen Forney grew up in Philadelphia and has lived in Seattle since 1989 She has been a professional cartoonist illustrator since 1992, and also sometimes paints, and dabbles in other artsy pursuits She teaches Comics at Seattles Cornish College of the Arts She drives a silver 1968 Mercury Cougar.

10 thoughts on “Lust

  1. says:

    I have long had a fascination with personal ads in the back of the free weekly in cities across the country The ads that veer towards the sexy and weird are always my favorite I read them over and over, and imagine the person who placed the ad, and who might answer it, and how that meet up might go The allure comes partly from the fantasy of it these ads are about things someone wishes for, not their experience or reality Ok, so our fantasty lives are interesting enough And ...

  2. says:

    Since I m completely addicted to personals ads and The Stranger, this is the perfect coffee table book for me The ads express a wide variety of desires ranging from funny to interesting, shocking, sexy and disturbing Forney s drawings are extremely creativ...

  3. says:

    I love the way Ellen portrays sex very fun, non threatening and quirky.

  4. says:

    With an introduction by Dan Savage and a few chapters of interviews with select beneficiaries of Ellen s work, LUST starts off with an intellectual bang Finally, you get to hear a few of the voices behind those creative personal ads in the Seattle Stranger LustLab But that s not all I learned that this project began on an ad by ad basis where one ad a week was featured in the Stranger using Forney s talent to enhance it Unfortunately, these efforts didn t always work, as one interviewee ackn With an introduction by Dan Savage and a few chapters of intervi...

  5. says:

    The ads range from piping hot to squirm inducing, but Forney s sense of composition and visual wit is damn near perfect every time From the clever and presumably unauthorized usage of Curious George, Chewbacca, and Oscar the Grouch to the helpful diagram ...

  6. says:

    The interviews at the front of the book really set the wrong tone for this thing total snooze all but one Once the cartoons from the personal ads kicked in, it was at least moderately interesting I guess I expected something kind of erotic or sexy, but I m pr...

  7. says:

    I kinda wish the interviews had come at the end of the book because they were a bit of a buzz kill I found the illustrations personals charming, witty, funny, creative, etc., but they were partially tainted by all the interviews I had just read, which were muchdepressing at least in my opin...

  8. says:

    Graphic, yes inways than one, since it is a comic har har , but these illustrations of selected Lust Lab personal ads from The Stranger are playful, fun, and positive There are also a few interviews of people and couples who have placed ads, which are very illuminating, and often amusing.

  9. says:

    Fantastic art, and fantastic choice of ads The beginning also has a bunch of interviews that were a pleasure to read There are definitely gems of thought in there I also really enjoyed this book because it didn t hypersexualize overfetishize its subjects, just let th...

  10. says:

    I enjoyed Forney s illustrations immensely, but the interviews with people who submitted personal ads were repetitive and not as insightful as you d meaning I d think Very creative visuals, but the text repeatedly killed the energy.

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